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Frequently Asked Questions

What are MammoPad breast cushions and how do they work?
MammoPad breast cushions are soft, warm, single-use foam pads. They are placed between the patient and the surface of the mammography device, resulting in a softer, more comfortable mammogram.

How much more comfort can I expect with MammoPad breast cushions?
Clinical studies in the U.S. and Sweden show three out of four women experience an average 50% decrease in discomfort.

Do women really experience discomfort during mammography?
Numerous studies show that many women experience discomfort during mammography. In fact, the largest known study on the subject found that 52% of women said they experienced moderate to extreme discomfort during mammography.

How does a woman's anxiety about mammography affect the mammogram and how can MammoPad breast cushions help?
A patient who is anxious about her mammogram may find it more difficult to relax her muscles during the exam. This makes it harder for the technologist to properly position the breast and achieve adequate compression. The reduction of discomfort found with MammoPad breast cushions helps women relax, assisting with proper positioning and sufficient compression - the key components of a good mammogram.

Are MammoPad breast cushions cleared by the FDA?
Yes, MammoPad breast cushions received 510(K) clearance on February 14, 2001.

What is the Softer Mammogram?