MammoPad Patient Testimonials
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What Women Say about MammoPad breast cushions

"I discovered this product while writing my book. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I've been getting regular mammograms for the past 20 years. This was my first experience with the MammoPad®, and the first mammogram since my breast lift surgery. It made a big difference to me both in comfort and reducing tension during the procedure. I'll definitely ask for the MammoPad again next year!"

Elisabeth Squires
Seattle, WA

"I had a mammogram with MammoPad and I couldn't believe the difference in the comfort level. I would have to say it cut my discomfort by at least 75 percent. Hooray! This is a wonderful product and I'm really glad our local center is carrying it."

J. Wellnitz
North Pole, AK

"I believe MammoPad is a wonderful product and should be made available all over the country, in every facility.

K. Jessen
Ridgecrest, CA

"My experience with the pad was wonderful! Instead of an icy cold slab, it was soft and warm and a lot more comfortable. I've noticed with my last few mammograms that they seem to squeeze you a lot more than they used to - until your breast is really flattened out, so I especially appreciated the padding - it helped me tolerate the pressure. I was talking to a group of my friends about how much better it was, and two of them already had appointments to get their mammograms and wanted to find out how they could get the pad too. I told them where I got mine...thanks for the pad!"

S. Bean
Edmonds, WA

"I was talking to my technologist and told her I had heard about a pad (I am rather big breasted and it hurts!). She told me that they had the pad for patients that asked for it, so I asked! The pad really made all the difference in the world to me. I truly did not look forward to my yearly mammogram. This time it was not that uncomfortable. Next time, I'll ask again for MammoPad."

J. Warren
Venice, FL

"I have fibromyalgia and mammograms have always been painful for me, but I need to have them because of my family history. The MammoPad made a huge difference for me; the mammogram was very manageable and is no longer something that I'm going to dread."

A. McNulty
Westwood, MA

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