Mammographer Testimonials
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What Healthcare Professionals Say about MammoPad Cushion

"MammoPad® allows women to have a more comfortable exam. I believe that this pad helps women feel more comfortable during the exam and as a result, they are more compliant with the screening recommendations of their physicians and the American Cancer Society. In fact, we have been providing MammoPad to all of our patients since July 2003."

Mary Posern, R.T. (R)(M)
Memorial Hermann The Woodlands - Breast and Bone Health Center

"Our study demonstrates the breast cushion results in a more comfortable mammogram for most women, without affecting image quality. Fear of mammographic discomfort is known to deter some women from getting regular mammograms. These findings may encourage more women to get regular mammograms, which detect breast cancer in its earliest, more treatable stages."

Professor László Tabár, M.D.
Falun Central Hospital
Falun, Sweden

"The breast cushion helps positioning in so many ways. It warms the mammography device for patients and makes them more comfortable. It makes patients more receptive to the technologist, which makes for better positioning. The soft foam is also a perfect surface, because once we position a patient's breast, it stays there. I have nothing but positive things to say about the cushion."

Ellen Everett-Massetti, R.T.
St. John Hospital and Medical Centers
Detroit, MI

"Our techs won't do mammograms without MammoPad. The patients are more relaxed and the pad helps them get more tissue."

Renee Lauck
Director, Imaging Services
The Breast Center at Sequoia Imaging - Visalia, CA

"Our patients have been very happy about our use of MammoPad. In fact, our Gallup surveys show increases in patient satisfaction since becoming a Softer Mammogram Provider. We have provided MammoPad for all of our patients since 2003."

Brenda Baumann
Operations Manager
St. David's Health Resource Center (HCA affiliate)
Austin, TX

"After surveying our patients for a month, 96% of our patients said it made their mammogram more comfortable. Since we started using them on every patient, we have had an overwhelming response. They love MammoPad! Patients are even coming in saying their friends sent them to us."

Amy Deluhery, R.T.(R)(M)
Women's Imaging Supervisor
Conroe Regional Medical Center (HCA affiliate)
Conroe, TX

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