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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are MammoPad® breast cushions cleared by the FDA?
Yes, MammoPad breast cushions received 510(K) clearance on February 14, 2001.

Can MammoPad breast cushions be used on any mammography machine?
Yes. MammoPad breast cushions are available in several different sizes to accommodate all commercially available mammography machines, including full-field digital ones. Consult with your sales representative to determine the appropriate size for your machines.

Are MammoPad breast cushions bio-compatible?
Yes. They are non-toxic, non-irritating, and latex-free.

Can MammoPad breast cushions be reused?
No. It is a single-use cushion, designed to provide a clean surface for each woman.

Are MammoPad breast cushions recyclable?
The foam used to manufacture MammoPad breast cushions is recyclable and is currently recycled into carpet padding. Recycling is available for free to our customers committed to providing MammoPad breast cushions as Standard of Care. Consult with your sales representative for more information.

How do MammoPad breast cushions affect overall image quality?
MammoPad breast cushions can be used with confidence on both digital and analog mammography equipment. Clinical studies have shown that they do not interfere with image quality nor does it require increased radiation dosage. These findings have been consistently confirmed by radiologists, physicists and technologists in over 1,500 mammography facilities. MammoPad breast cushions have also been used in more than 30 million images since its market introduction in 2001.

How can MammoPad breast cushions help technologists with compression?
MammoPad breast cushions can actually help technologists achieve greater compression while reducing women's discomfort by half. In a clinical study conducted with more than 500 patients, technologists achieved an average of 13- 15% greater compression.

How do MammoPad breast cushions help with positioning and tissue acquisition?
MammoPad breast cushion's grip-like surface helps to immobilize the breast, making proper breast positioning easier. In addition, studies found that MammoPad breast cushions, when used in conjunction with positioning training, actually helps technologists achieve 10-20% greater tissue acquisition.

Will MammoPad breast cushions interfere with imaging of the chest wall?
No. In fact, many technologists find that MammoPad breast cushions make it easier to image the chest wall. MammoPad cushions patients' ribs, allowing them to lean further into the machine. Also, a MammoPad breast cushion provides warmth against their chests, helping their muscles to relax.

How do MammoPad breast cushions affect imaging of the inframammary fold?
Technologists often report that MammoPad breast cushions make imaging the inframammary fold easier. The cushion removes pressure from the patients' ribs and chest muscles, making them less likely to pull away from the machine.

Are there reasons to use MammoPad breast cushions for patients who don't complain about pain?
Yes. Women may not report their pain but still feel discomfort because of the cold, hard surface edges of the mammography machine. Without MammoPad breast cushions , they may have trouble leaning in or relaxing their muscles. In addition, the MammoPad breast cushion's grip-like surface holds the breast in place for optimal positioning and tissue acquisition of all patients, resulting in the best possible exam regardless of discomfort. Finally, using a MammoPad breast cushion shows your patients you care about their mammography experience and paves the way for better breast health.

Do MammoPad breast cushions need to be included when performing phantom and dose QC tests?
According to the MQSA's Policy Guidance Health System, centers who use the breast cushion for a majority of their patients must include it when performing the phantom and dose QC tests in order to simulate the typical clinical conditions as closely as possible (21 CFR 900.12(e)(2))

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