MammoPad, the softer mammogram provider
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A Positive Mammogram Experience

What Healthcare Professionals Say about MammoPad breast cushions

"Women clearly prefer mammograms with MammoPad®. I've personally had patients tell me how much of a difference it makes. Women tell me we're saving their lives by offering the softer mammogram, because they were convinced it was too painful and avoided getting mammograms until now."

"We felt that if MammoPad could increase the number of women choosing Oregon Imaging Centers for screening mammography, it would not only pay for itself but also yield additional profits for the practice."

"We were skeptical at first - it's one thing when a manufacturer tells you their product will improve your business. But as soon as we analyzed the data to see how much our business had actually grown, that convinced us that both MammoPad and digital were good choices."

Josh Kermisch
Director of Business Development
Oregon Imaging Center

" alone is not sufficient to attract enough patients. Thus, we adopted the MammoPad... to help increase... volume and offset the additional cost of digital...."

Rob Murphy
Director of Diagnostic Services and Medical Imaging
Jewish Hospital
Louisville, KY

"No more putting the breast on the cold, hard bucky. I have increased the amount of tissue and compression I get because MammoPad holds the breast on the bucky, and the patients all like it. I wouldn't want to... be without them."

Katherine Richenberger, R.T. (M)

"The feedback we got from patients after trying MammoPad was that it's much more comfortable. They said it made a world of difference, and you really can't argue with that."

Brenda Koblick, M.D.
Southeastern Connecticut Imaging Center

"Technologists love MammoPad because it takes some of the heat off of them: 'We're usually 'the bad guys.' So we'll do anything we can do to make the exam more comfortable for the patient, because it takes the brunt off us."

Laurie Ziegler
Breast Center Manager
Lourdes Hospital
Binghamton, NY

"The breast cushion helps positioning in so many ways. It warms the mammography device for patients and makes them more comfortable. It makes patients more receptive to the technologist, which makes for better positioning. The soft foam is also a perfect surface, because once we position a patient's breast, it stays there. I have nothing but positive things to say about the cushion."

Ellen Everett-Massetti, R.T.
St. John Hospital and Medical Centers
Detroit, MI

"... the breast cushion results in a more comfortable mammogram. without affecting image quality.... These findings may encourage more women to get regular mammograms."

Laszlo Tabar, M.D
Falun Central Hospital

"Our patients have been very happy about our use of MammoPad. In fact, our Gallup surveys show increases in patient satisfaction since becoming a Softer Mammogram Provider. We have provided MammoPad for all of our patients since 2003."

Brenda Baumann
Operations Manager
St. David's Health Resource Center (HCA affiliate)
Austin, TX

"After surveying our patients for a month, 96% of our patients said it made their mammogram more comfortable. Since we started using them on every patient, we have had an overwhelming response. They love MammoPad! Patients are even coming in saying their friends sent them to us."

Amy Deluhery, R.T.(R)(M)
Women's Imaging Supervisor
Conroe Regional Medical Center (HCA affiliate)
Conroe, TX

"Women are surprised at how much more comfortable it is with MammoPad. I think they would come back here (for annual mammograms) for that reason alone."

Joanne Taylor
Executive Director
Southeastern Connecticut Imaging
Waterford, CT

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