MammoPad the softer mammogram provider
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Improve patient comfort and satisfaction

Pain, or fear of pain, is cited as one of the main reasons why 40 percent of women over the age of 401 do not get their annual screening mammograms. Now there is a way to ease the pain that women feel during their mammogram. The MammoPad® radiolucent breast cushion is a soft, foam pad that helps minimize discomfort in a screening mammogram. The cushion is placed on the imaging receptor during a mammogram, to create a warmer, softer surface between the woman and the mammography machine. Clinical studies show using MammoPad breast cushions reduce discomfort by 50% for three out of four women.2,3

While the breast cushion provides compassionate care for the patient, it does not create a need for increased dose or compromise the high level of image quality needed for a routine mammogram.

Add a MammoPad breast cushion to every woman's mammogram as a standard of care. Facilities that have done so have seen an increase in patient satisfaction and loyalty. There are also many clinical and business benefits to including MammoPad breast cushions in your practice.

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Why Provide a Softer Mammogram?