MammoPad the softer mammogram provider
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Softer Mammogram Provider Program

Improve Patient Care and Grow Your Business

Facilities that provide a MammoPad® cushion as standard of care to every woman receiving a mammogram are eligible to become a member of the MammoPad Select Customer Program. The MammoPad Select Program recognizes your commitment to improve your patients' mammogram experience. In return, we're committed to helping you grow your business and spread the word about the Softer Mammogram™ and the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

As a member of the MammoPad Select Customer Program, you will be certified as a Softer Mammogram provider and have access to:

  • Softer Mammogram Provider logo to brand and differentiate your facility.
  • Comprehensive Marketing and Communications Implementation Guide filled with tips on how to promote your softer mammogram services.
  • A Welcome kit filled with complimentary marketing materials to jump start your marketing initiatives.
  • Online Marketer's Toolbox, a turn-key solution that allows you to access free downloads, customize, and order additional marketing materials.

Using MammoPad® during a digital mammogram creates a high-tech, soft-touch experience for patients. This unique combination ensures your patients have the most compassionate care possible and confident clinical results

Combining leading edge mammography technology with the comfort of MammoPad is a great way to differentiate your facility from competitors in your community.

Why Provide a Softer Mammogram?